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Conference 2015 was a Great Success!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this successful conference - feedback has been very positive with 97% of survey respondents saying we met or exceeded their expectations. We look forward to welcoming you again next year as we "Honour the Past - Embrace the Future" in Montreal, June 1-3 2016.

Please visit the Gala Photos, Speaker Presentations Archives, Digital Boards and Survey Results.

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Storytelling: From Insights to Impact

Storytelling, in simplest terms, is the conveying of events through the use of words and images. Stories attempt to move beyond the mere recollection of events by providing additional detail and visuals that bring to life otherwise dull or complex issues. Stories engage an audience by relating to their experiences and emotions, motivating them to act, in a way that the mere presentation of charts, graphs, and statistics alone cannot do. Storytellers illustrate relationships that might have otherwise been missed, and create a personal connection with the audience that can incite them to accept an idea or concept more readily.

Storytelling in #mrx is an important skill as statistical analyses have become more advanced, data sources more numerous, and clients increasingly bogged down in the complexity and volume of research. The world of market research has been inundated with so many new methodologies, techniques, and types of data that it is sometimes hard to keep up, even for a researcher. It has caused what were already large reports and presentation decks to grow in size and complexity. This is where storytelling technique becomes an important tool in the market researchers toolbox. Stories are, and always have been a solution to the problem of too much information. As a result of their emotional appeal and relation to experiences, humans are able to process and understand them despite inherent complexities.



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