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Survey Results

Storytelling Conference Questionnaire - Executive Summary


The highest rated items in this category were staff helpfulness and networking opportunities, while value for money was rated lowest (see Figure 2. Conference Overall). Furthermore, 62.5% of respondents reported the conference met their expectations, 33.3% reported their expectations were exceeded, and only 4.2% did not have their expectations met (See Figure 1. Conference Expectations).


Delegates would have liked time between each session so they could move to different rooms if needed. This prevented them from seeing all of their most preferred talks. “Need time to change rooms.” Others commented that the Ted Talks “were great”. Overall people seemed to like the Ted Talks format, with an average score of 4.26 out of 5.


Of the keynote speakers, Paul Smith was the highest rated, followed by Marie Wolfe, then Kristin Luck (see Figure 3. Keynote Speakers). Comments praised the keynote speakers in general, calling them “great” and “exceptional”.


SNAP after party had the lowest score of any section, 2.83 whereas the gala had one of the highest scores of all items on the questionnaire, 4.59.


The food and beverages had scores in line with other items on the questionnaire. Food quantity and variety scored higher than food quality (See figure 4. Food & Beverages). Other than parking, people rated the venue highly (See figure 5. Venue).


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