Tuesday, May 26, 2015
2:15 - 2:40 PM
Ted Talks - York A & B

Delight Is in the Details

Delight for customers really is in the details. Their story is changing on a daily basis, and an ever evolving landscape of data, insights and instant gratification allows them to communicate their journey and experiences with your brand through an endless array of technology platforms.

Researchers are now able to digitally capture the voice of customer as it happens. They can adapt with the ever changing needs of the business, delivering big data insights to support agile initiatives. Front line teams are empowered with critical insight as it comes in, allowing for rapid improvement – flexibility that may not have been there before.

See how TELUS, Canada's fastest-growing communications company, is using this technology shift to their advantage. Their client side researchers are supporting end-to-end business goals with the adoption of ResponseTek's customer experience management platform which allows them to act on insights as they come in. Effectively, they are putting their customers first, and taking ownership of every single experience in real time. This ensures every story with their brand is a good one, and has earned them everything from improved customer satisfaction scores, decreased complaints to regulatory boards and bottom line results.

Interest Statement:
There is a changing landscape in market research: Researchers are now able to digitally capture the voice of the customer as it happens. Customer data is transaction based, faster, and more available than ever, and companies can use this revolution to their advantage. See how TELUS, Canada's fastest-growing communications company, is harnessing the power of increased volume and speed of big data to meet the demands of their business with stunning results.

Learning Outcomes:
As a result of this session, participants will learn:

Stavros Davidovic
Market Research Manager, Market Intelligence, TELUS Mobility
  • 15 years of telecommunications experience o 10 years of call centre experience with 7 of those years in management roles supporting internal & external quality programs
  • 5 years of market research experience supporting both qual & quant related work
    • CSAT specialist supporting national retail and call centre based programs
    • Keen on leveraging new methodologies to measure and share insights to the business


Chris Randall
Vice President, Client Services, ResponseTek

15 years of experience in Customer Experience Management

  • Responsible for a team of analysts, project managers and research consultants that support ResponseTek's global customer base
  • Personal involvement in the design of enterprise wide customer experience feedback programs for global and industry leaders on 5 continents.
  • Designed and built the ResponseTek CEM Blueprint – a roadmap for best practice customer experience feedback programs.