Monday, May 25, 2015
1:00 - 1:25 PM
Ted Talks - York A & B

Have I got a Story for you

Being a great storyteller is critical to being a great researcher but from my experience few researchers truly understand what it means to be a truly great storyteller. Great storytellers and researchers alike are great listeners, we are the keepers of intellectual capital from multiple sources and know how to effectively weave these details into our stories. When we've done our jobs well, our stories/presentations are noticed, remembered and understood; effectively, we have transformed data into emotionally and intellectually engaging actionable insights and evaluations, which are the source for positive ROI. Finally, great storytelling in the research world depends on being a great presenter, a talent which is only mastered with practice.

This talk will cover the critical elements of mastering the art of storytelling, and will include useful tools that will help you thrive in your roles as research leaders.

Amy Davies
Senior Vice President, Research Strategy Group Inc.

Amy is a builder; her passion is to facilitate the growth of any business she touches. With over a decade of client-side research experience at a senior level, she has developed a deep understanding of client needs and understands what it means to be an exceptional research partner. Amy has worked across industries in both England and North America with extensive experience in telecommunications and CPG. Most recently, she was Head of Consumer and Market Insights for Wrigley, Canada.

…but market research is only part of a repertoire that includes expertise in building brand equity through both grassroots and traditional marketing whether it be for small start-ups or large global organizations. Amy is also known for her best-in-class facilitation and training skills, she is an engaging and seasoned public speaker and she is currently writing a book on career advancement.