Monday, May 25, 2015
4:00 - 4:25 PM
Ted Talks - York A & B

Making Millennial's Lotto Dreams Come True

Leveraging Video & Storytelling Ethnographies to Uncover Deep Insights to Refresh and Redirect the Ontario Lottery Business – A Case Study

Everyone loves stories and storytelling – stories are memorable, authentic, relatable, and transcend time. Agencies and companies that can capture their consumer’s authentic stories are the ones that will win in the future. This is particularly true for building a relationship with one of the newest and most powerful populations – the New Millennial. With their obsession with technology, social media, and other emerging communication methods, along with their unprofessed addiction to ‘selfies’ and YouTube, what better way to uncover the deep seated dreams and fears of this group than by marrying the power of Ethnographies with their ability to leverage key social phenomena – self videography, intuitive blog style writing, and emotion rich tarot narratives.

These tools, in combination with quantitative validation, unearthed a key insight, a seed of truth that bore fruit for the next level of LottoMAX’s evolving strategic positioning and creative direction – one that is broadly relevant to this new generation.

Professional video production was used to put an edgy spin on telling the insight story while capturing the true vibe of this important group for the internal sales & marketing team, the external agencies and the broader lottery industry.

The work is informing creative direction as well as product development and innovation. New creative will be tested in March with in-market sales results to be shared at the conference.

Catherine Dine
President, Dine Discoveries

Catherine Dine is a storyteller – from an educational perspective pairing a Business degree with an English degree, and from a business perspective leveraging qualitative into quantitative and then weaving them together into a fleshed out insights tale. This duality makes for very exciting presentations along with an exceptional business focus and statistical rigour.

Catherine started Dine Discoveries in 2001 after working corporately in banking and wealth management and for various research agencies – most recently as President of Market Probe. She has lead her firm in award winning research that marries deep excavation of rational and emotional drivers with rigorous validation to ensure true consumer needs inform and drive business decisions. She has worked in innovation, positioning and communications with market leading enterprises across a range of industries including CPG, Retail, Entertainment, Financial and Telecomm.

Catherine has presented her work at a number of conferences, most recently:

  • Yahoo! Content Connections – 2013 MRIA Conference and The Market Research Event (TMRE) 2013 in Nashville
  • Canadian Tire – Do You Know the Secrets of Men? – 2010 MRIA Conference and the 2011 QRCA Symposium
  • Guest Lectures at U of T and York University
  • Presentations at AGMs for different boards and associations and extensively on specific projects throughout her career

Catherine is also an award-winning researcher. Her work on Project Darwin won the MRIA Best in Class Award while her work with Kraft on Nabob received an MRIA Best Integration Award. She has also won two ARF David Ogilvy Gold Awards for her work on Nabob and Maxwell House advertising.

Catherine has a B. Comm. (Marketing) and a B. A (English), is a member of MRIA, a member and Chapter Chair for QRCA and has her Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) designation.


Zena Kostiw
Director, Customer Insights & Analytics, OLG

Zena Kostiw is a business leader and insights champion – who drives strong business results. She joined P&G post her MBA, working on new product formulations, developing innovation and world-class copy for brands such as Tide, Always, Olay, CoverGirl, and Pampers. At Kraft Foods, she built and lead integrated Custom, Shopper and Analytics Insights teams, and helped them build strong brands and advertising such as Philadelphia  and the world-wide Philly Angel Campaign, Kraft Dinner, Kraft Peanut Butter, and Delissio Pizza. As Director of Insights at Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola and currently for Ontario Lottery & Gaming (OLG), she has continued her pursuit of uncovering strong, relevant, unique and compelling consumer insights to help strengthen their Brands to unprecedented levels.

While Zena’s skill sets span Consumer, Analytics and Shopper Insights, her research passion has been application of Ethnographic research specifically, having been professionally trained in this area in San Diego via renowned anthropologists and psychologists and through training with the IIR in New York City.

Zena has shared her passion as Conference Speaker at The International Institute for Research Annual Conference, San Francisco, 2001 – “Using Ethnography to Optimize the World-Wide Philly Angel Campaign”. As an on-going supporter of the MRIA, she has offered her support and business learnings to Client side MRIA teams and conferences. She is a standing presenter at the National Lottery Marketing Meetings (ILC) and Quarterly Sales and Marketing Meetings, presenting Insight learnings and Macro trends affecting our various current consumer segments.