Monday, May 25, 2015
2:15 - 2:40 PM
Ted Talks - Trinity Ballroom Two

Many Voices - One Story

Almost everyone has worked for an organization where the person sitting next to them came from a ‘merger’ or ‘acquisition’.  Mergers & Acquisitions have become part of everyone’s corporate culture.  According to Forbes, in 2014 alone, there were over 16,000 transactions worldwide.  Consider that every company has their own unique culture – their own ‘story’.  How do those unique stories combine into ONE brand new story?  To complicate matters, some of the largest organizations operate on a global basis, with each individual country having their own unique culture and ‘story’.  For most organizations, the focus is on the customers and shareholders and the impact that change has on them.  But, what about the employees?  Without building a new corporate ‘story’ that employees can buy into, an organization cannot successfully transform for their customers and shareholders. How can any organization successfully build one story from a sea of voices? 

For Manulife Financial, cultural transformation was not possible without understanding the unique voices and cultures first hand.  Using a multi-dimensional research approach, Manulife approached this problem on the ground in 12 countries ranging from Singapore to Cambodia to Canada and the United States, searching for common ground from which one new ‘story’ could be told.  

See how Manulife’s global employee research is transforming their book of short narratives into one combined story, with their journey through 12 countries. 

Lesley Haibach
Vice President, Loyalty, Ipsos Reid, Toronto

Lesley Haibach has been a Vice President in the Loyalty group with Ipsos Reid since 2011.  With over 14 years market research experience, Lesley has assisted some of North America’s largest multi-unit retailers develop and implement ongoing customer experience tracking programs and employee engagement programs designed to catapult satisfaction and loyalty levels, improve sales and ultimately corporate profitability. 

Starting her market research career during one of Canada’s biggest corporate mergers, Lesley managed the employee engagement study as the organizations became one, learning first-hand the impact that the employee experience has on the customer journey.   Over the years, Lesley has drawn from her expertise as both a market research professional and a certified teaching professional in developing a specialization in the realms of customer and employee research, focusing on program effectiveness and how to translate the customer journey into actionable strategies that will engage both employees and customers in driving loyalty. 

In 2006, Lesley attained her CMRP (Canadian Market Research Professional) designation through the MRIA and has maximized her learning working with a variety of North American and global clients, primarily focused in the areas of retail, financial services and government organizations. 


Ken LeClair
Vice President, Ipsos UU, Toronto

Ken came to Ipsos Reid UU with a wealth of research experience, having worked on both the client and supplier side of the industry since the mid-1980s. He approaches qualitative research with an enthusiasm for the interactive, fluid and nuanced nature of the undertaking and for the challenge of translating the resulting data into clear, actionable recommendations for clients. Ken’s talent for clarity in communicating with both clients and respondents allows him to act as a very effective bridge in helping the former understand their customers and markets more clearly.

Previous to joining Ipsos Reid UU, Ken had a successful career at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in both senior research and programming positions, leaving the Corporation as Director of Research in 2006.  On the supplier side Ken has worked for EKOS Research Associates and Solutions Research Group in senior capacities. His areas of particular strength include financial services, communications and advertising strategy, media and technology, and web usability.

Ken holds a B.A. Hons. in Sociology and Political Science from Carleton University and a B. Ed. from the University of Windsor


Lisa Butler
Vice President, Human Resources, Canadian Division, Manulife

Lisa Butler is Vice President Human Resources, Canadian Division where she is responsible for helping our leaders create and implement people strategies that deliver on the Company’s business strategies. 

As a member of the Canadian Division Executive Management Team, Lisa is a strategic advisor to the business to ensure the programs and initiatives developed within the Company’s Global HR team drive the Canadian business and help the Division attract and retain individuals who will contribute to its ongoing success.

Lisa joined Manulife in 2003 in Corporate Recruiting where she progressed to lead the Recruitment function for Canada. With a move into Manulife’s insurance operations, she gained valuable experience as HR Partner with accountability for the business’ HR strategy and practices. Shen then moved to lead Talent management where she revamped leadership conferences and introduced the “New Leader Experience” program.  

Owing to her history and experience in both HR and in one of Manulife’s business, and her belief that employees want to do a great job and work for a great company, Lisa is well-recognized as a champion and facilitator of the career development of Canadian Division’s employees.

Before joining Manulife, Lisa led the Client Services practice for a large executive search firm. She has a Masters Degree in Political Science from the University of Guelph.