Official Gala MC

Fred Keating

Fred Keating has been making audiences laugh and cry in convention centres, corporate conference rooms and workshop sessions for over 25 years. These people are now emotionally exhausted and would prefer other potential clients step forward and assume the obligation. So it is a special opportunity for Fred to serve MRIA this year. Let’s hope he doesn’t live up to his nickname: The Massacre of Ceremonies.
Fred’s television work hosting broadcast specials, awards shows and live events has made him a favourite MC at conferences and corporate functions. He has hosted the Miss Grey Cup Pageant, the Banff World Media Festival (24 years), The Financial Post Business in the Arts Awards, Canadian Unity Conference, the Atlantic Film Festival, Canada’s Cowboy Festival, the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame Gala and numerous other events.

Television viewers may remember Fred playing nasty City Councilor “Jack Pierce” on six seasons of CBC’s DaVinci’s Inquest. More recently he has appeared in five episodes of the Fox series Grace Point, APTN’s Blackstone and the Tim Burton feature film Big Eyes. Fred also runs Lindisfarne Productions, a television company producing educational, corporate and government-sponsored programming. Visit

Fred Keating is a Member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and the Writers Guild of Canada. And pleased as punch to meet MRIA in 2015!