Monday, May 25, 2015
2:15 - 2:40 PM
Ted Talks - Trinity Ballroom One

Pasta Sauce - From Idea To Shelf

The role of the marketer is so very different to what it was even 5 years ago, with the challenges they are facing ever more intense. With new product launch failure rates above 90%, any marketers looking to introduce a new product do so at their own peril. 
Now, enter the protagonist, Catelli - a home grown Canadian brand with a 150 year heritage in pasta.  The company was looking at ways to extend into the pasta sauce category via Healthy Harvest pasta sauce.

The pasta sauce category in Canada is stable and dominated by a relatively small number of larger players, making it ever more challenging for new product launches.   This was the market situation Catelli was entering and it was therefore imperative that the brand find a relevant and unique benefit communicated in a compelling and meaningful way.  

Working closely with Research & Incite, an ongoing research program was developed to initially understand consumers’ unmet needs, create, measure and test elements of the product offering (communication, packaging and product) and monitor performance in the Quebec test market.

Following successful launch, various challenges lead to the need for additional tailored research and changes to the in-market support to continue to capture consumers’ attention at shelf.  

This case study paper presents the story of how Healthy Harvest Pasta sauce by understanding consumer’s needs and personally connecting with the consumer via engaging content marketing and innovative support programs developed a loyal customer base. This led to a 5% market share in the Quebec market in less than twelve months following launch.

The paper also demonstrates the important and relevant role market research continues to play in the business world and how, as researchers, we need to fully understand the needs of the client and the challenges they themselves face in this rapidly changing world.
Mary Logan, CMRP
President of Research & Incite

Mary Logan, CMRP is President of Research & Incite. She has been actively involved in the market research industry for 25 years conducting a wide variety of research studies to understand how consumers engage with and invest in brands.

Prior to joining Research & Incite, Mary was Associate Director at Research International in the UK working for a wide variety of global packaged goods clients conducting innovation research and volume sales forecasting for new products.

Mary Logan has numerous years’ experience in public speaking across a wide variety of forums. Mary recently presented a paper at the 2014 QRD conference titled “When Qual and Quant Connect – Gestalt!”
She also presented a paper on New Product Development at the 2004 MRIA conference as well as running an ARF breakfast seminar on Brand Equity.


Jennifer Coombe
Marketing Manager, Catelli Foods Corporation Canada

Jennifer is a highly experienced marketing professional with 20+ years in the CPG industry. Jennifer’s passion for understanding and engaging with the consumer to develop and deliver value added products has been the driving force behind the successful  development and implementation of a wide variety of new product launches. This is most recently seen at Catelli Foods where Jennifer is currently the Marketing Manager on Innovation. Her dedication to consumer understanding plays a large part in the successful launch and ongoing growth of this brand.

Jennifer’s experience transitions from early days at Playtex, through to Maple Leaf, Brita, and then starting Jenergy Marketing where she has consulted for SC Johnson and now most recently Catelli Foods.