Monday, May 25, 2015
3:10 - 3:35 PM
Ted Talks - Trinity Ballroom Two

Research Automation: The Future is Now

Participants in research studies are becoming less interested in traditional long format surveys. But they are interested in providing more feedback, more often. Marketers are adopting more agile processes to go to market faster and clients are requesting shorter surveys and new forms of data collection to effectively get a 'pulse check'.

Automation is a growing and emerging trend across all business sectors and marketing automation is one of the fastest areas of growth. As brands continue to integrate consumer insights into every part of the marketing process this has resulted in a demand for new automated technologies to create cost-effective data collection and to conduct market research.

In this session, Delvinia President Steve Mast will present insights from the company's research into new research automation technologies as well as Do-it-Yourself research platforms. He'll also share case studies from brands that are using Delvinia's new research automation platform.

Steve Mast
President, Delvinia

Steve works with all types of organizations to help transform their business models to meet the needs and demands of today's digital customer. His firm, Delvinia, founded and operates AskingCanadians and AskingAmericans, two online data collection and research panel businesses. Delvinia also operates a digital consulting practice which applies a combination of human-centric design methods, data-driven insights and emerging digital technologies to craft new disruptive business models, user experiences and digital products.

Steve was educated as an architect, however, began his career as a video game designer and producer in the early '90s. Steve joined Delvinia in 2000 to build its digital and interactive services practice. His focus is on new business development and creating an environment where his clients and team can play, learn and grow together.

Steve loves public speaking and is an active board member for the Canadian Marketing Association. His philosophy is simple—success is measured by what you do and not what you say.


Shelagh McGrogan
Head, Retail Merchandising, RBC Royal Bank

Shelagh's passion for blending science with art led her to join RBC 15 years ago, in a Direct Marketing capacity. However, it was her creativity and eye for the details that drew her to her current role, heading up RBC's Retail Merchandising team, which she has held for the last 8 years. Shelagh most recently played an active role in shaping RBC's Retail Branch Design and Customer Experience work, demonstrating that a bank really can go retail. Shelagh is passionate about driving efficiency, consistency & a constantly-improving client experience.