Monday, May 25, 2015
3:35 - 4:00 PM
Ted Talks - York A & B

A Village Tells a Story

We will walk through a case study of how market research was used to create content and to tell a brand story.
Our team has chosen to highlight the 2014 Tropicana “Hidden Vegetables” study, which worked to engage Canadian mothers and tell an engaging story about ‘hidden vegetables’.

The research findings were used to weave a story in support of a brand campaign supporting the launch of the Tropicana Farmstand project, as well as editorial and advertorial outreach components, which were translated directly to magazine articles, advertisements, advertorial pieces, as well as being aligned with a digital and television media campaign. Our team, far from being just a mechanism to present findings and results, took an active role in collaborating with a variety of disparate actors to develop a story which was consistent, fun, engaging and, most importantly, accurately reflected the research findings in an engaging manner.

We’ve chosen this study – a consumer study targeted towards Canadian mothers - for a number of reasons – mainly, as it strongly illustrates how the new marketing and media landscape has effectively erased the paradigm of a “typical” market research study. Consumers are more savvy and less likely to be engaged with traditional advertising – the same applies to market research studies as well – designing a study to tell an engaging story to consumers to ensure they won’t turn the page or “swipe left”. We get and keep attention by speaking to them in an engaging manner. Market Research, to fit in the new media paradigm can’t just tell a story with PowerPoint decks and graphs – it needs to directly support the development of compelling content which promotes the brand.

A market research study often contains actionable insights – yet few marketers know how best to use research develop compelling materials designed to draw users in. Research alone cannot do this though – rather, it needs to work in a collaborative effort with external and internal partners – be they sales reps, creative and digital teams, agencies, editors and other content producers. Research can tell only part of a story – a true story can be told only with the assistance of others.

Aware of these potential barriers, our team worked collaboratively with an external client (Tropicana/Pepsico), external agencies and internal departments to develop a  fun, light hearted questionnaire designed to capture and target insights of Canadian mothers regarding the ways they get children to eat their vegetables. The purpose of this study was to develop editorial and advertorial/branded content solutions to launch the Tropicana Farmstand product with key insights related to vegetable consumption in Canada, as well as insights related the notion of mothers who  hidden vegetables.

Interest Statement
This session will demonstrate a case study on creating brand messaging through market research and how to engage non-market research partners to reach wide audiences with engaging materials to tell the brand story.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this session, participants will achieve the following key takeaways:

Andrew Micak
Research Manager, Rogers Media, Customer External Insights

Andrew Micak joined Rogers in 2011. Since then, Andrew has supervised a number of high-profile projects with both qualitative and quantitative research components, as well as assisting in the development of materials designed to promote thought leadership and editorial/advertorial placement. While at Rogers, Andrew’s focus has been on projects tailored to conducting research amongst C-suite executives, business leaders, financial advisors/financial planners, Canadian consumers, doctors and medical industry professionals.

Andrew regularly works as lead project managers on a number of high-profile and high-intensity multiyear projects.


Elizabeth Hall
Senior Business Development Manager, Custom Research, Rogers Media

Elizabeth brings an in depth knowledge of market research methodologies with over 15 years of market research experience.

Elizabeth is the business generation lead for a boutique research group within Rogers: Rogers Custom Research, the only strategic insights group of its kind in North America.
Research conducted by the team spans across hard-to-reach audiences /industries. Projects frequently provide not just insight, but inspiration to realize change for industry leading organizations and associations.