Tuesday, May 26, 2015
1:50 - 2:15 PM
Ted Talks - Trinity Ballroom One

Dynamic Story Telling

This session will quickly review the research data process and show how advances have been made in design and execution but not data reporting. It will review the evolution of data presentation and discuss how data buyers are now seeking an Information Strategy which is organization friendly, makes data more operational and deploys data in a visually engaging manner via personalized "role based" dashboards. There will be visual examples and multiple client case studies demonstrating how data can be deployed contrasting dynamic dashboards to static PowerPoint.

Rudy Nadilo
President, Dapresy North America

According to Branding @ The Digital Age by Herbert Myers and Richard Gerstman, “Rudy is a recognized expert in online marketing research, consumer panel behavioral information, database marketing, the use of retail scanner information to support the marketing services industry, and the application of computer technology in these fields.”

Rudy has served as CEO, marketing director, technologist, motivator and turnaround expert, as well as the sales “force” behind the sales teams where he has been engaged. He transformed the marketing research industry with his pioneering work as CEO of Greenfield Online. He believes Dapresy will also transform marketing research and revolutionize the way data is presented and delivered through dynamic online dashboards. 

Rudy’s career spans packaged goods, advertising, product management and marketing research. He has held senior management positions at Dancer, Fitzgerald, Sample Advertising, Inc., Richardson-Vicks, Inc., J. Walter Thompson Advertising, Information Resources, geoVue and Annik Technology Services.  He received his B.F.A. from Emerson College and his Masters in Advertising & Marketing from Northwestern University.