Tuesday, May 26, 2015
1:50 - 2:15 PM
Ted Talks - Trinity Ballroom Two

Tested for Life in Canada

Canadian Tire strives to demonstrate that it understands life in Canada better than any other retailer. That's why we built a panel of 15,000 product ambassadors. Real Canadians testing real products in real life situations. Products are put through their paces and only the ones which meet the expectations of our testers get the "Tested for Life in Canada" badge. This presentation will provide detailed information on how this program came to be, how its evolved over time and how insights from it are shaping real life business decisions.

Cedric Painvin
Manager, Consumer Research, Canadian Tire

Cedric Painvin manages the Consumer Research function at Canadian Tire. Cedric has been with Canadian Tire for 7 years and prior to that conducted Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction research at Ipsos Reid. What inspires Cedric is identifying and interpreting the 'real' business objectives of his internal stakeholders. This is the foundation from which a sound research design can be constructed. Only then, can the end result be information which enables the stakeholder to better manage their businesses and make more sound and informed decisions.