Monday, May 25, 2015
1:50 - 2:15 PM
Ted Talks - Trinity Ballroom One

Dropkicking 10 Big Data Myths

Theory is nice but data is heaven. Most market researchers have heard a lot of theory about big data but few have seen the data and worked with it themselves. And we all know that the best way to truly understand and internalize something is to see the raw data for yourself. In this presentation, we'll blast ten big data myths using stories that many researchers can actually relate to – survey panel data. With millions of panelists, millions of profiles, millions of survey clicks, and millions of incentives, market researchers have been sitting on pretty big data for nearly 20 years. See how easy it is for trained scientists like yourselves to learn some SAS, R, or SQL, and dig into big data on your own.

Gain a more intuitive understanding of the myths and realities of big data using the survey panel data you already know so well.

Learning Outcomes

Annie Pettit
Chief Officer, Peanut Labs

Annie Pettit, PhD is the Chief Research Officer at Peanut Labs, a company that specializes in self-serve sample, surveys, and polling. She is also Vice President, Research Standards at Research Now. Annie specializes in data quality, sampling and survey design, and social listening. In addition, Annie is the Editor in Chief of MRIA's Vue magazine, a publication for Canadian marketing researchers, and a member of the advisory committee for the Georgian College Research Analysis Program. She is an invited speaker at marketing research conferences around the world and has published numerous refereed and industry articles. She won the 2014 ESOMAR Excellence Award for the Best Paper, 2014 MRIA Award of Outstanding Merit, 2013 ESOMAR Best Methodological Paper, and the 2011 AMA David K. Hardin Award. Annie blogs at LoveStats, tweets at @LoveStats and is the author of The Listen Lady, a novel about social media research. She can be reached at