Monday, May 25, 2015
1:00 - 1:25 PM
Ted Talks - Trinity Ballroom Two

Leveraging Research into Brand Leadership

Once upon a time (in 2008) a national survey of working Canadians was designed and launched. It earned very respectable media attention. In 2010 it was redesigned and re-launched with dramatically increased sample and moved to an online panel methodology. Over time this little engine of thought leadership grabbed an increasing share of journalist attention that was pretty impressive considering it was talking about dry stuff like retirement and savings (blah, blah, blah). How did they do it? How does the partnership work? Come listen and find out more…the story is still being written but there's lots of lessons learned along the way that we can share.

Kevin Press
Assistant Vice-President, Market Insights, Sun Life

Kevin Press, Associate Vice President, Market Insights has worked with Sun Life since 2004. His blogs on Canadians and financial issues appear regularly on Prior to his role at Sun life he worked at Rogers Healthcare and Financial Publishing in market development and as an editor. Kevin heads the team that produces the annual editions of the Canadian Unretirement Index and the Canadian health Index. The 2013 edition of the Canadian Unretirement Index earned more than 56 million media impressions and the Canadian Health Index earned more than 39 million.


Barbara Eshpeter-Jenkins
Manager, Thought Leadership Research, Sun Life Financial

Barbara Eshpeter-Jenkins, Manager Market Insights took on the Canadian Unretirement Index and Canadian Health Index as well as other thought leadership properties in 2012. She managed the vendor, Ipsos.



Gail Cowling, CMRP
VicePresident, OnResearch

Gail Cowling, CMRP, worked on both sides of the Canadian Unretirement Index from 2010 at Ipsos to 2012 inclusive and then as Manager, Market Insights in 2014-2015 at Sun Life. She has seen both sides of the program and also the long term growth of its reach.