Monday, May 25, 2015
3:10 - 3:35 PM
Ted Talks - York A & B

TV is Dead. Or is it Really?

Today’s media environment is changing faster than it ever has in history.  Not only has the TV universe exploded, people are consuming video through new on-demand channels that barely existed only a few years ago.  Multi-tasking and the usage of DVRs to record shows is calling into question the viability of television as an advertising medium.  Advertisers are scrutinizing their budgets and increasingly calling into the question of whether DVRs and other video consumption websites are eroding the efficacy of TV advertising.  Specifically, does the increased use of DVRs and video streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube decrease exposure to TV ads and thereby negatively impact ad recall metrics?

In late 2011/early 2012, Ipsos ASI conducted a landmark meta-analysis using data collected from a wide range of ad tracking projects in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia to estimate the impact that PVRs have on advertising recall and brand link measures – two of the most commonly used metrics in advertising research.  This study found that heavy users of PVRs did not negatively impact advertising in terms of recall or brand link.  In fact, we found a negative relationship between DVR usage and ad recall.  In other words, heavy DVR users were more likely to recall seeing a given TV ad compared to those who did not use a DVR at all.

During 2014, Ipsos ASI expanded on this analysis by collecting meta-analysis across a wide range of ad tracking programs by adding in additional data points to determine the impact that video streaming services such as Netflix and online video consumption may be having on the efficacy of advertising campaigns.  This presentation will focus on the results of an updated meta-data across a broad range of ad tracking programs in several developed countries.

Participants in the session will learn:

Michael Rodenburgh
Executive Vice President, Ipsos Western Canada

Michael Rodenburgh is Executive VP for Ipsos in Western Canada & the Pacific Northwest. In his role, he leads a team of over 45 researchers across all of Ipsos’ strategic business units. He is regarded as an innovative thinker in the research industry, and has significant experience working with some of North America’s largest companies.

Michael has been in the marketing research industry for over 20 years and has held senior executive positions in client services, product development, and business development.  Michael is an award-winning researcher, and was awarded MRIA's "Best in Class" award in 2003 for the best overall research study in Canada, and more recently “Best Paper” at the November 2012 ESOMAR Digital 3D Dimensions conference in Amsterdam. 

He is a Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) and has an undergraduate degree in Political Science from McMaster University.  He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and writes often for various research-industry publications.