Tuesday, May 26, 2015
1:25 - 1:50 PM
Ted Talks - York A & B

A Story About Students & Co-Created Tool

The digital environment has changed the rules associated with education. Learning is no longer a linear, one-way teacher to student relationship; rather, it is a community of shared knowledge, where interaction and engagement is fundamental. While all demographics have felt the shift to the creative economy – where we share, create, publish and learn - it is the student demographic that has evolved expectations, behaviours, attitudes and values regarding learning and content consumption.

TFO Media Group is a public cultural and educational network that produces and distributes multiplatform media content for youth, children, and their family. Following a number of primary quantitative studies across Canada and a series of empirical observations, TFO identified an opportunity to connect authentically with young learners and offer them a digital environment in which it is inspiring, motivating and delightful to learn. In order to be relevant and understand the real nature and reasons why young people are embracing, or not, education, TFO wanted to better understand their path of learning. TFO wanted to map the learning journey.

TFO partnered with yconic to invite students to be part of a co-creation exercise and provide insights into this unique personal journey. The outcome of the research will guide the development of a digital destination for young people to research, understand, share and create educational content that matters.

yconic and TFO will take you through how a qualitative market research online community was designed, executed and analyzed for storytelling. This is the story of the student's learning journey.
Jacquelyn Salnek
Director, Insight Solutions, yconic

With 13 years of experience in research and strategic marketing, Jacquelyn has helped propel leading brands in Canada with her insight-driven results. Her unrelenting thirst for solving tough business challenges and keen instinct allows her to elicit clarity on the attitudes, behaviours and values of Canadians, with a particular penchant for Millennials and our next generation, GenZ. These insights have empowered decision-makers with the confidence to act and move their business forward.

Over the course of Jacquelyn’s career she has designed and executed countless research projects, using a wide range of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Constantly honing her design techniques to ensure the data is rich and robust for storytelling.

Jacquelyn is an experienced research facilitator and speaker, and has worked with brands across a variety of industries, including media and technology, consumer-packaged goods, travel, financial, education and the non-profit sector.

Jacquelyn is also involved in her community and has conducted a number of workshops on the shift towards insights and storytelling with students in the Research Analyst Program at Georgian College.


Julie Gauvin
Chief Development & Innovation Officer, TFO

With more than 15 years of experience launching, transforming and growing brands and services, Julie Gauvin has worked with many of Canada’s leading companies providing innovative marketing, media, and business solutions.

She has helped launch new digital products, implement successful advertising campaigns, reposition and align brands, expand into new markets, transform teams and create value for shareholders.

With proven leadership ability in coaching people and distilling complex concepts into meaningful, integrated solutions, Julie is known for developing trusted relationships and delivering the highest standard of client service and customer experience.

She worked for integrated advertising agencies such as Y&R, Publicis Group; for Media Companies such Quebecor Media and TC Media; as well as telecom companies, including Videotron and Microcell i5 (Fido). In April 2014, she joined Groupe Média TFO as Chief Development and Innovation Officer.

Julie Gauvin is also very involved in her community as Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships for the American Marketing Association