Tuesday, May 26, 2015
2:15 - 2:40 PM
Ted Talks - Trinity Ballroom Two

Opportunity or Threat: The Impact of Social Media on Corporate Reputation

The question many organizations have is whether or not they need to pay attention to social media and whether social media has a tangible impact on their reputation. Can it help them advance their reputation, or is it a waste of time to dedicate resources to social media? Is it simply a cost of doing business, or can it be leveraged to enhance an organization’s reputation?

The ease of pounding out 140 characters on a SmartPhone means that everyone’s a critic, and everyone has a media platform through which to be heard.  Social media is changing relationships between companies, brands, and consumers. Poor quarterly results (or egregious profits!), product recalls, and contentious remarks are increasingly problematic due to “viral” exposure. But can social media it be a good thing too?

Utilizing data form Ipsos’ I-Rep syndicated study, the impact of social media exposure on a corporation’s reputation can be measured. Further, a case study of one of the most impactful social media campaigns of 2014 will provide a concrete example of how social media can be used to enhance reputation and achieve other important goals.

Sean Simpson
Vice President, Ipsos

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